ABCT Women's SIG

ABCT SIG Poster Exposition & Student Poster Award

Posters for 2023 have already been received. Check back next summer for submission instructions.

ABCT Women’s SIG: / The Women's Issues in Behavior Therapy SIG is open to all Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT, formerly AABT) members who are interested in women's issues. We are committed to increasing women's participation in all levels of conference activity and in ABCT governance, to increasing knowledge and awareness of women's health and mental health issues, and to providing opportunities for women of ABCT to network with each other.

2018 Winner
Alyssa Pallo

​"Defining Sexual Consent: A Qualitative Study of Responses"

2017 Winner
Ava Fergerson

"The Mediating Role of Resilience in Sexual Trauma and Disordered Eating Behavior"

2016 Winner [Poster Withdrawn]

​Valisa Harris

"Attribution of Blame for Domestic Abuse: Does the Victim’s Response and Form of Abuse Matter?"

2015 Winner
Caitlin M. Pinciotti
"Rape Aggression Defense:  Unique Self-Efficacy Benefits for Female Survivors of Sexual Assault"

2014 Winner

​Caroline Kaufman

"Comparing Risk Factors and Psychological Symptoms Between Primiparous & Multiparous Mothers"

2013 Winner

Laura Sockol

"Preventing Postpartum Depression: A Meta-Analytic Review"

2012 Winner

Laura Sockol

"The Role of Maternal Attitudes in the Prediction of Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Among First-Time Mothers"

2011 Winner

Katelyn Anderson

"Gender Specific Relationship between Distress Tolerance and HPA Axis Response to Stress among Adolescents"  ​​​